Measuring Distance.  5 spring steel coils from spent retractable tape measures. Personal Collection. Saved over a 5 year period.
 Installation view.
  Abrasives.  18”x 32”. 120 grit sanding belts. Spent belts from my stationary belt sander. Saved and collected over a 5 year period.
  Abrasive.   Detail.
  Abrasive.   Detail.
  Filings.  4”x 20’.  Steel and aluminum filings leftover from the drilling process. Installation view.
  Filings.   Detail.
 installation view.
  Missing Teeth.  10’x 13”.  Tempered steel band saw blades from my horizontal band saw.  Collected and saved since moving into SODO shop (5 years)
  Missing Teeth.  Detail.
  GRIT 120, 160, 180.  Each 48” 32”.   Sanding belts from an industrial wood sander.
  Slugs.  2 @ 48”x8”.   Steel shelves.  Collected and arranged steel blanks leftover from the drilling process.
  Slugs.   Installation view.
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