Killing Time.   Installation view.
  Killing Time.   Detail.
  Countdown.  6 ’4” Diameter.  Steel, found adding machine paper, ink.  Countdown  is a mandala "a container of essence", a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective. It is the result of the ritual of entering each day, month and year from the date of my birth up to the present in an old calculator. It became a meditative act, a ritual reflecting the rights of passage and a symbol representing the efforts to reunify the self. The print out is then twisted like a rope and concentrically displayed with the dates getting bigger as the circle closes, much like life itself.
  Countdown.   Detail.
  Countdown.   Detail.
  your time will come.   Cast concrete, steel, found rope.  Inspired by my husbands niece who lives with us. She is exactly half my age, newly 21. Each sphere represents our opposing experiences of time. This sculpture is reminiscent of buoys, navigational tools or markers that alerts us to hazards, anchored or allowed to drift.
  your time will come.   Detail.
  Interval.  12”x 32”. Fabricated steel, found adding machine tape, ink.  Interval  is a moment in time selected and removed from the whole, the time continuum ( Countdown ) and placed on a pedestal reminiscent of gears. This piece is about how we isolate moments, particular events in our lives. It is about memory and how a single event, good or bad can shape us, make us who we are, make us tick.
  Interval.   Detail.
  Interval   (background).   It was more than just a day ( foreground)
  It was more than just a day.   14’ x 12”.  Cast concrete, steel.  A progression of solids and voids, the waxing and waning of the moon. Each shelf represents a week, totaling a month, the lunar cycle of the duration of the show. This distilled approach allows the viewer to engage with the materiality and language of its simplified form.
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