Inside Passage. Route 1-3.   Steel round bar.
  Inside Passage: Route 1  (left)  and 2 ( right)   installation shot.
  Inside Passage. Route 2.   Steel round bar.
  Inside Passage. Route 4.   Steel round bar.
  First Light.   Black and Decker laser level from Home Depot.
  Latitude.  20” x 20”. Contractor Chalk Snap line. Blue and black chalk snapped directly on wall.  Chalk residue on floor.
  latitude.   Detail.
  Meridian.  14’ x 2”. Contractor Chalk Snap Line. Red and black chalk snapped directly on wall.  Residual chalk on floor.
  Coordinates.    12”x 5”.  1/4 steel rod
  Coordinate.   10”x8”.  1/4 steel rod.
  Inside Passage. Route 3.   42”x 28” x48”.  Steel round bar.
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